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Delphi 8 for .NET
BDE .NET Demo  [source]
A sample BDE .NET program. It shows configuration infos and aliases, also converts (in a simple way) BDE tables to ADO.NET dataset (could be a starting point for a more professional converter). Also allows to save dataset to XML and schema files.

NOTE: if you experience an IDAPI32.DLL loading problem, please add your BDE directory to the system environment variable "PATH".

FileWatcherDemo  [source]
Note: this demo is included in the Demos\WinForms folder of your Delphi 8 installation.
This program let you explore the powerful of FileSystemWatcher object from System.IO assembly. This object watchs a givn directory (and its subdirs) and fires some events every time a file is created and/or modified and/or deleted. Also the program shows how to send a notification mail using System.Web.Mail services. A simple and reusable piece of code.

Delphi 6 & 7
Note: these components are included in the Partner CD
DemoCLX  [source]
Two CLX components for Delphi 6/7. Nice CLX component development sample with Delphi 6/7.
THintListBox  [source]
An enhanced ListBox able to display "long items". It's an useful component and a good Windows API programming and low level component development sample. Code provided also works with Delphi 1 and 16 bit GUIs.

Kylix 1 & 2
Note: these components are included in the Partner CD
TCalcEdit & TDBCalcEdit (K2)  [source |  readme]
An useful editbox with integrated dropdown calculator/currency converter. This new version includes a data-aware, TDBCalcEdit. Good component and nice clx programming sample.
TColorBox (K2)  [source |  readme]
ColorBox is an enhanced ComboBox that displays a list of colors for you to select from. It also provides a "Custom" item to show a Color Dialogs to the user.
TCalcEdit  [source |  readme]
This component is an enhanced editbox able to dropdown a basic calculator that also acts like a currency converter. Simply select the small button on the rigth edge and a Calculator form will show, helping you to do some basic operations.
THintListBox  [source |  readme]
This component is an enhanced ListBox able to display "long items", i.e. items that do not fit into list width, as floating hints.

More content and updates to come soon...

Componenti e codice freeware da me realizzati e liberamente utilizzabili.

(Freeware software from me. Use it at you own risk. :-))

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